Senator Lujan Aims to Break Deadlock Over New Hospital Location with the “ESPITÅT PARA TODU ACT OF 2024”

(Hagåtña, Guam) – Following months of deliberation and divisive debates, Senator Jesse Lujan introduced Bill No.­­305-37(COR) in an effort to resolve the impasse over the location of Guam’s new hospital. The bill, to be known as the “Espitåt Para Todu (Hospital for All) Act of 2024,” seeks to address the critical need for a modern hospital or medical facility, breaking the deadlock…

Senator Lujan Thanks the Guam Legislature for Supporting Measures to Fortify the Island and Achieve Regional Stability

(Hagåtña, Guam) –The April Session of 2024 concluded with the 37th Guam Legislature unanimously adopting Resolution No.179-37(LS) and Resolution No.260-37(LS). Both resolutions are authored by Senator Jesse Lujan with the goal of supporting efforts to secure the island and achieve regional stability.
“I want to thank my colleagues for the bipartisan backing…






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