Real life. Real Work. Real Leadership.

Senator Lujan ran on a platform of fighting inflation, rebuilding Guam’s tourism industry, and reducing crime. Within the first month of swearing into office, he has focused his work on helping families, businesses, and the community by introducing key legislation on securing a Jones Act Waiver, reducing the Business Privilege Tax from five percent to four percent, and suspending the Business Privilege Tax on food and medicine for twelve months.
Senator Lujan is the Vice Chair of the Committee on Maritime Transportation, Air Transportation, Parks, Tourism, Higher Education, and the Advancement of Women, Youth, and Senior Citizens, and he serves on the Committee on Human Resources, Hagatna Revitalization, Regional Affairs, Public Libraries, Telecommunications, Technology, and Federal & Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Fire, Agriculture, Power, and Energy Utilities, Public Transit, Unemployment Insurance, and Universal Health Insurance, as well as the Committee on Environment, Revenue & Taxation, Labor, Procurement, and Statistics, Research & Planning.
Fourteen years prior to his re-election into the 37th Guam Legislature, Senator Lujan served for three consecutive terms in the 27th, 28th, and 29th Guam Legislatures.
When he is not thinking of solutions for our island’s problems, Senator Lujan enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, attending church, and mentoring our youth. The Senator is married to Mary Ann Suyao-Lujan from Iloilo, Philippines. Mary Ann and Senator Lujan have an 11-year-old daughter, Jessry Skye. Senator Lujan has two older children and five grandchildren. Senator Lujan’s son Ryan, 37, lives in California with his wife and three children. And Senator Lujan’s oldest daughter, Jessica, 31, lives in Texas with her husband and two children.

Uniting for Guam

Senator Lujan is committed to working with the administration, both parties of the Legislature and all government agencies to get the work done. He believes it is necessary to put all differences aside and be unified for the sake of the future of Guam.

Senator Jesse Lujan met with Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio to discuss the concerns of the Guam Police department and what can be done to strengthen law enforcement and reduce crime on our island. 

Senator Lujan met with Director Ike Peredo, Colonel Francis Fejarang, and Chief of Customs Vincent Perez to discuss about the issues currently facing the Guam department of Customs and Quarantine.

Senator Lujan met with GEDA CEO and Administrator Melanie Mendiola and Edward Camacho, Business & Economic Development Manager to discuss the future of the local economy and business community.






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