“More needs to be done to alleviate the problems and pain felt by so many. I am determined to help get our economy and tourism industry back on track and get our people back to work.”

Jesse Anderson Lujan is a Republican Senator in the 37th Guam Legislature. With a commitment to reducing inflation, rebuilding Guam’s tourism industry, and eliminating crime, Senator Luajn is dedicated to fighting for a better Guam.

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Moylan taps Lujan as Philippines liaison

Sen. Jesse Lujan will be taking the lead on work to strengthen the relationship between Guam and the Philippines, on behalf of Del. James Moylan’s office. Moylan appointed Lujan as Guam-Philippines legislative liaison on Monday. The delegate recently was selected to...

Lujan appointed to advocate Philippine relations benefiting Guam

The following is a news release from the Office of Jesse Lujan, member of the Guam Legislature: On Monday, Congressman James Moylan appointed Senator Jesse Lujan as the Guam- Philippines Legislative Liaison. In his official letter, Congressman Moylan indicates that...

Senator Lujan tapped as Guam-Philippines legislative liaison

Congressman James Moylan has appointed Sen. Jesse Lujan as the Guam-Philippines Legislative Liaison. In his official letter, Congressman Moylan highlighted Sen. Lujan's experience and advocacy on key topics as the reason for his appointment. The Philippines plays a...

December 18, 2022

Letter: Effects of inflation, pandemic not distributed equally

December 03, 2022

Letter: Early voting helps elections, community

November 27, 2022

Letter: Health emergency ends, but other battles remain

Bill No.164-37(LS)


Resolution No.179-37(LS)

Relative to requesting the United States Congress and the Biden Administration to favorably consider providing multi-year funding needed to harden Guam's infrastructure to meet the goals of installation resiliency and ensure Guam is capable of withstanding future...

Bill to pause taxes on food, medicine, gets hearing

Pausing taxes on medicine and food will result in savings for customers, according to some local businesses, but government officials say there will be some hiccups in implementing the proposed tax pause that need to be worked out. A public hearing was held Friday for...

DRT: Major revenue loss from not taxing food, meds

Millions of dollars in government revenue, which is used to fund public services, will be lost if a business privilege tax on food and medicine is suspended temporarily by one year. This is according to an official from the Department of Revenue and Taxation during...






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